Welcome! My teaching studio is in the heart of Mount Vernon, just a few blocks away from the Peabody Institute. I specialize in teaching in four categories listed below, which range from private flute lessons to career advising. It is highly recommended for students at all levels to study chamber music and ear training, in addition to their private flute studies. Career Advising is catered more to older students with an entrepreneurial spirit, or for those looking to apply to colleges or jobs. Feel free to use the contact form on my website to inquire about lessons!

Flute lessons– Includes preparation for college auditions, scales, general warm-up exercises, etudes, solo pieces, chamber music, orchestra/band music.

Chamber coaching– Have a friend to play music with? In chamber music coaching, students will learn how to play in tune, listen well, internalize rhythm, and communicate effectively with other musicians. Flute and piano is a good option for chamber coaching, but these coachings are open to all instrumentalists and vocalists.

Theory/Ear Training– All skills we acquire as a musician are enhanced by the ability of our ears to distinguish and respond to sound. Theory and Ear Training are an essential part of fine-tuning these skills, and I offer training specially catered to the needs of each student.

Career Advising– Lastly, making a career as a musician is a totally different ball park than practicing music. In these advising sessions, I will work with students on defining their career goals, perfecting resumes, biographies and application materials, and crafting a step-by-step action plan to help students achieve their dreams. For the past two years, I worked as a Career Coach at the Peabody Institute.

Price varies based upon request. Online lessons and coachings available as well.


“Amanda is an outstanding teacher. She inspires and challenges me to play pieces I did not think I could play. She is able to take difficult passages and break them down step by step so I can learn how to play them properly. I am sure I would not be playing as I am now, if it weren’t for Amanda’s skilled teaching. She is also friendly, makes the lessons interesting and fun and is very professional.”   —Mike

“Amanda is a patient and kind teacher who allows for her students to grow at their own pace. Her instruction is based in her own learning and practice. A truly wonderful flautist/flutist!”   —Luke

“I greatly improved my technique while studying with Amanda. She was amazing at identifying possibilities for improvement and explaining them in a succinct way.”  —Chloe